An online resource for all things Senior, this is a new website growing in the local Tampa Bay market with both free and paid listings as well as limited banner ads.

Local community-based service organization providing recreation, community outreach, classes, events and activities, this website is a popular site accessed for information, upcoming events, registration and is closely followed like the business’ social media.

Local non-profit promoting dance opportunities and an annual competition for artists with disabilities.  Dance-themed, it’s also a showcase of images from events and classes as well as a love letter designed to spread the joy of dance.

17 Nov 2014

Brand Info Website

Designed for a plumbing contractor looking to grow business opportunities and showcase marquee work.

For a niche business group within a larger risk management company, this business unit serves McDonalds.  This site provides both information as well as access to the Virtual Safety Platform and Training Resource developed exclusively for this client and audience.

17 Nov 2014

Digital Ads

For media outreach and lead generation, these banner ads are a sampling of ads that developed as online companions to the print campaign.  Call to action is a free Land Buyers Guide, which allows us to promote the company and its product while at the same time collect lead info.

17 Nov 2014

Interactive Website

Interactive website managed and maintained to assist with sale of recreational land in 5 states. One-stop online resource for all inventory, content and marketing resources for a buyer or prospect.