Meet The Strategist

Stacey Kulyk, Principal & Chief Strategist

“Marketing is the Psychology of Business. Psychology is the business of Life!”

I have worked in marketing my entire 30+ year career having worked in the field, in support positions, as senior management and as a partner.  I have worked for & with small companies, public companies, new ventures and established brands.  Marketing encompasses all activities that promote brand, enhance sales and maintain effective communications.  Solutions, evaluations, strategy and all of the traditional “advertising” bells & whistles are in MarPro’s capabilities.

I like being able to apply the basics of marketing – along with my real-world applications and experience – to a variety of businesses and welcome the creative challenge of customizing initiatives based on each client’s unique needs.

The MarPro Difference

Founded on the principle that marketing is a basic of a business rather than a luxury, here at MarPro we believe that a business can save money while making money. How is that possible? With a curated, value-based strategy that respects budget and plays to your business’ current strengths.

Your marketing efforts should be a key driver for your business, so we help you reach your audience in every way possible. We pay close attention to the customer experience, because every client “touch” is an opportunity for your business to grow.

The MarPro difference is that we know marketing is so much more than the words and pictures that audience sees. It’s about real world solutions that solve problems for you and your customer. By making sure that your clients find value in your marketing and advertising (rather than tuning out yet another ad), you’ll see the difference with our strategic marketing solutions.